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Since : 2002/01/01
[ What's New ]
  • PPCard Ver. 1.1 is released. (Japanese ONLY)
    • Support Propotional fonts
    • Bug-fix:
      Over-writing when using specific font.
      Font size of from address when lump printing.
  • PPCard Ver. 1.0 is released. (Japanese ONLY)
    • Changed selecting from name function
    • Support PageUp/Down Key and MouseWheel
    • Added simple Installer
  • PPCard Ver. 0.96 beta is released. (Japanese ONLY)
    • Added printing from name function
    • Adjust printing rayout
What's OLD ...
[ Products ]
PEditorCO PEditorCO Ver 1.2 Shareware 2004/08/26 PEditorCO  
Icon Editor for CLIE Organizer
GuiPar GuiPar Ver 1.1 Shareware 2003/12/09 GuiPar Pocket Vector
Musical instruments of guitar style. FM Sound support.
AutoCapt AutoCapt Ver 0.5 Freeware 2005/04/06 AutoCapt  
Automatic capture operation in a built-in camera of CLIE
Parallel Lap Parallel Lap Ver 1.4 Freeware 2003/05/30 Parallel Lap Pocket Vector
Stop watch which can measure two laps at the same time.
GLP Lap GLP Lap Ver 1.11 Freeware 2004/09/13 GLP Lap  
Lap Timer for Gleichmaessigkeits Pruefung.
Butterfly Log Butterfly Log Ver 1.0 Freeware 2003/08/05 Butterfly Log  
The data logger to observe butterfly's mode of life.
Spa BINGO Spa BINGO Ver 2.2 Freeware 2006/02/27 Spa BINGO  
World-Wide Bingo machine which switches 75/90 modes.
DevInfo DevInfo Ver 1.3 Freeware 2004/02/18 DevInfo  
Tool which displays variety of information of Palm device.
ToDo DA ToDoDA Ver 0.7 Freeware 2004/04/13    
DA (Desktop Accessory) version of ToDo.
ZipAdd ZipAdd Ver 0.96 beta Freeware 2006/06/15 ZipAdd  
Address gets Japanese zip-code (Sorry Japanese ONLY)
Add In module for Palm Desktop Ver 4.1 for Windows
PPCard PPCard Ver 1.1 Shareware 2007/01/18 [update] PPCard  
Direct address print for Japanese HAGAKI
Add In module for Palm Desktop Ver 4.1 for Windows
[ Archives ]
Archives : data warehouse.
Now, icon sets for PEditorCO are available.

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